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Dzamalala Appealed Against Determination By Medical Council Of Malawi

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Pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala has instructed his lawyers to appeal against the determination by the Medical Council of Malawi in which he was found guilty for concluding that the late Kottana Chidyaonga died of termik poison.

Dzamalala, in a statement released today, says, among others, would like the High Court to order the council to provide laboratory backed scientific evidence for concluding that Kottana did not die from termik poisoning but rather a lethal dose of vecuronium bromide or snake venom or both.

“The Medical Council is [a] body which is charged with overseeing evidence-based practice of medicine in Malawi. The honorable and learned members of the Medical Council Board have however, made a determination that the cause of death was not termik but vecuronium bromide. They have not provided any laboratory-backed scientific evidence on which this conclusion is based.” the statement reads in part.

Kottana died in January 2020 under controversial circumstances. Four people were arrested for murder charges but the High Court acquitted them in August 2020 for lack of evidence

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