Experts Beamon Suicide Cases Among Students

Reported by Chikondi Dyson

Different experts have expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions of university students of committing suicide due to psychological challenges.

This comes barely days after a student at the Malawi University of business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), Lester Dickson took away his life after an alleged withdraw from school on academic grounds

Media expert, Holyce Kholowa of Nation Publication Limited has therefore made a request to the university students saying suicide is not a solution to a problem and has no any benefit in one way or the other

Kholowa was also quick to point a finger at the social media saying it is contributing to stress which exacerbates the acts of suicide

‘ People just report stories without considering how a person will respond to it. Students must disregard such stories’, Kholowa said.

Kholowa further requested parents and the community to accept the results of academic journey and respond positively.

On the same issue, Education expert Limbani Nsapato said it is worrisome that suicide cases are on the rise in Malawi.

He has therefore called on different stakeholders to join hands in addressing psychosocial challenges among university students for the country to have productive citizens.

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