Saturday, April 13


It has been revealed that on 19th April 2022 during day time at Chichiri Prison an unknown man went to Chichiri prison identifying himself Sub/Insp Mkwayira and demanded to take a convicted criminal Steven Chimphoyo serving a 5 year 6 months sentence on pretence that he was going to take him to court.

Chimphoyo was convicted after he was found in possession of dangerous drugs (Ephedrine) weighing 1.0086 kgs at Chileka Airport on 15 March 2022 which he wanted to export in a FedEx Parcel.

On 14th April 2022 police arrested a Nigerian national who gave Chimphoyo the drugs, Ihezue Ifeanyi Antonty.

Police then decided to take the Nigerian national for a confrontation with Steven Chimphoyo at Chichiri prison since he had indicated that he was given the drug by him.

Upon their arrival there it was discovered that the first suspect Steven Chimphoyo was not at Chichiri Prison.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect was taken by a S/Insp. Mkwayira from unknown Police station to court.

Since then the alleged police officer never returned the suspect back to Chichiri prison.

Steven Chimphoyo aged 30 comes from Kuphalira village T/A Sitola Machinga district

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