Friends Of Uladi Mussa’ Calls For His Release

Mangochi, May 25, Mana. A grouping calling itself Friends of Uladi Mussa is pleading with Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General to release Dr. Uladi Mussa from prison saying his imprisonment was based on unfair judgment.

Briefing the media in Mangochi on Tuesday, Sheikh Dr. Imran Shareef Mahomed of the Friends of Uladi Mussa said Dr. Mussa was arrested on political grounds as he did not breach any law against Immigration and Citizen Act.

The group claims in court there is no record that he had breached any law of Immigration and Citizen Act, adding that there was also no evidence that he had stolen from government moneyt.

“This case was just created on political grounds, the story was cooked and spread inside and outside parliament that Dr Uladi Mussa used his personal powers to issue certificates of citizenship to foreigners,” said Dr. Mahomed.

He added that Mussa was convicted and sentenced on political grounds claiming that story was cooked to deal with Mussa and that total lies were presented in court.

“Uladi Mussa granted the citizenship certificate officially, following all the necessary procedures through the secretary; there were no shortcuts. There was no way Dr Uladi could have abused his office” said Dr. Mahomed.

He said Dr. Mussa did not face a fair trial as stipulated in the constitution of the republic of Malawi, section 429(2f) adding that the judgment delivered was too political

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