Friday, April 12

Gangata Tells Parliament To Shut Up

Alfred Gangata, the Managing Director of Masters Boreholes Drilling Company says he is surprised with the way the general public has reacted to the Gam Fuels Gas Station sale issue.

Gangata has told the Media in Lilongwe that he is further surprised to see Parliament deliberating on a judgement that was delivered by the court which is an independent arm of government.

“John Mussa, a young man from Blantyre was arrested and sentenced to 8 years for being found in possession of Chamba, Malawians spoke against the judgement describing it as unfair, did Parliament take up the matter? No, no one brought a Motion in Parliament to request that Mussa be released.” Said Gangata.

According to Gangata, the case went through two competent Courts and Chairman for Gam Investments and Fuels Limited, Gerson Mkweza, admitted taking the Keys.

“Mkweza is trying to get public sympathy, he is doing all this but he hasn’t returned the Machine Keys, we have tried all means but he is refusing to return the keys. My company drilled a borehole at his farm to right off the k1.5 million debt, I don’t know what he is looking for now” said Gangata.

Gangata has since vowed to continue the fight until the matter is settled.

Last Thursday, Parliament adopted a Motion allowing the Legal affairs committee of Parliament to inquire into the sale of Gam Fuels gas station in Lilongwe

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