Govt For Fair And Ethical Recruitment Of Labour

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Government has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting fair and ethical recruitment of workers as one way of protecting the citizenry from any form of exploitation.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Wezi Kayira, was speaking in Lilongwe during a fair and ethical recruitment workshop.

Various stakeholders including labour and recruitment agencies are meeting in Lilongwe to map the way forward on how they can promote fair and ethical recruitment of migrant workers.

Kayira hailed the cordial working relationship that exists between Malawi and the International Organisation for Migration – IOM.

“Migration can not be stopped but be regulated so that countries and their relatives of the migrants benefit. These employment agencies play a vital role here in Malawi as they assist in the socio-economic development of our country,” Kayira said.

Nomagugu Ncube, Chief of Mission for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) called for a collective approach and efforts in promoting ethical and fair recruitment of migrant workers.

“We as IOM will continue to work with the Government of Malawi by laying down procedures that will always promote ethical recruitment of migrant workers. You know Malawi is being used as a transit as well as a destination for migrants,” Ncube said.

Representative of the labour recruitment agencies, Trevor kandoje, who is also Managing Director for Job Centre Limited, admitted an increase of bogus labour agencies in Malawi but said they are dealing with the issues and soon they will be forming an Association.

“This workshop is important as it will link us with the government as for some time we have not been recognized. It will also help to connect people to the real agencies that can help them,” Kandoje said.

The workshop comes on the heels of reports that more Malawians are still stuck outside the country where they are being abused. Experts say that currently, over 14.5 million people have migrated to various countries seeking opportunities.

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