Bornfree in a weekend of charity work

Bornfree in a weekend of charity work

Malawi Congress Party ladies operating under the umbrella of Bornfree had a busy day on March 12,2022 as they were engaged in doing charity work on separate functions that took place in the districts of Lilongwe and Mchinji respectively.

In Lilongwe, the Lilongwe chapter visited Mrs. Zapita, a granny who is taking care of two children whose mother died after giving birth to a baby on February 20,2022, and the baby is one of the children cared by the granny in Likuni.

As the Lilongwe chapter was in Likuni, the Mchinji chapter was at Daniel Village of TA Mduwa where it visited Siwema Joseph, the mother who has given birth to triplets (all girls) but is finding it difficult to take care of the three due to financial problems.

Speaking after the visit, one of the National Executive Members for Bornfree Grace Kalanda told this reporter that being a group of women, the Bornfree realizes pretty well what is takes to raise a baby.

“We know the baby could have been breastfed by the mother, unfortunately we lost her just few days after giving birth. Now the baby is being cared by a granny who can not breastfeed the baby, hence we thought it wise with little contributions from members to donate milk for the baby and some items that a baby needs, but they are not enough. We need more well wishers to come in and hold hands.” Narrated Kalanda.

She then thanked the Bornfree members for being so passionate and dedicated to social responsibilities, saying this is helping in pushing President Chakwera’ agenda towards building a New Malawi.

On the other hand, Patricia Mazombwe, chairlady for Mchinji chapter said; it came to their attention to cheer the family of Joseph after noting that it has financial problems.

“Indeed we as Bornfree, Mchinji chapter came to visit our fellow woman, Siwema after we noted that she is in a great need of assistance following the birth of the triplets two months ago. Saying the truth the family needs support from well wishers so that these triplets are taken good care, we brought few things, but there is a lot needed to the family.” Said Mazombwe while calling for well wishers to respond to the family’ needs.

During both functions, Bornfree made donation of some items including bags of maize, soap, clothes, sugar and cash.

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