If It Is Not DPP In 2025, Then Which Party Is The Best Altenative?

By Rick Dzida

Frankly speaking, a lot of Malawians had high expectations of the Tonse Alliance government. They rudely despised Prof. Peter Mutharika and  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) from left , right and centre. Even those who wished APM dead have realised their mistakes now.

Truth be told, Chakwera’s government has dismally failed. Most Malawians are regretting why they wasted their vote for Chakwera and Tonse Alliance.

The  Tonse Alliance administration has failed to fulfill its campaign promises. The much touted MCP Hi 5 is totally a goof. No rule of law. No zero tolerance to corruption. No prospering together. No unity. No fuel. No forex. Instead of making progress, Chakwera’s regime has taken this country hundred steps backwards.

Malawians have realised now that they were cheated by Chakwera, Chilima, and the likes of Timothy Mtambo that DPP and APM were not serving the interests of Malawians. It was a lie because they were just jealous.

For instance, they accused DPP of practicing nepotism, tribalism and regionalism. Now they are doing the same. They are  liars and hypocrites.  As you are reading this, corruption is so rampant that even the court is shielding corruption suspects from being prosecuted. That is Tonse Alliance administration for you.

As we are approaching 2025 general elections and indeed amid dismal performance of Tonse Alliance government, visionary citizens have started searching for the best alternative government. If it is not  DPP , then which party?

Wishful thinking from superficial minds have attempted to answer such question without any substantive backing. “Bola DPP inachoka m’boma”, “We don’t  care who wins in 2025 as long as it is not DPP”, “No fuel or no forex,  Tonse Alliance has come to stay”, “MCP will rule up to 2095”. Obviously, dreamers will never cease to entertain us.

The following factual analysis of political dynamics on the ground indicate that DPP is highly likely to bounce back into power in 2025:

*1. Chakwera’s poor performance vs APM’s achievements*
Comparing the performance of Tonse Alliance government with that of DPP in their first two years of governance, DPP was much much better by far. Kwacha was stable. Fuel and forex were available. Life was affordable. Infrastructural development was evenly distributed across all regions including the Area 18 interchange.

Many Malawians of good would wish DPP back in government so that they could continue enjoying DPP’s good governance.

*2. Possible disintegration of Tonse Alliance*
As we will be approaching 2025 general elections, intra-alliance power struggle in the Tonse Alliance, as to who will be the torchbearer of the alliance, will erupt. In addition, some political parties have already cried foul that they did not benefit much from the pact. Some of these disgruntled parties may most likely join forces with DPP giving it an added advantage.

*3.  Statistical inference from 2019 general elections*
The results from 2019 general elections show that DPP and MCP produced top two strongest candidates. If MCP led government is goofing now, this will give an advantage to DPP to bounce back into government, of course after entering into strategic electoral alliances.

*4. DPP is well known for winning elections from opposition benches*
I was reluctant to accept the notion that DPP is a system till it knocked down the former president, Mrs Joyce Banda from opposition benches during the 2014 general elections. Currently,  APM’s tactics of holding press briefings to remind Malawians of how Tonse Alliance administration is messing up the economy will perform wonders during the 2025 general elections. Let’s  patiently wait and see.

Rick Dzida
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