Is jealousy, personal vendetta driving Malawi social media influencers hatred against businessman Sattar?

If you read what people such as Onjezani Kenani, Kondwani Munthali, Idris Ali Nassah and Joshua Mbele posts on social media about businessperson Zuneth Sattar, you would be easily forced to conclude that Sattar is a bad man, with bad intentions for Malawi.

They try so hard to dust off anything negative about Sattar and amplify it with carefully selected adjectives to make sure anyone reading them, condemns Sattar as evil.

The entire thing looks like a well coordinated agenda to recruit more Malawians in their scheme of demonising and destroying Sattar.

But what wrong, if one may ask, has Sattar done to Malawians deserving the relentless backlash from these social media carpers?

Sattar is a Malawian, born and raised here and grew under the tutelage of his father who has been in business since 1950s. As a second generation family, Sattar took over management of his family’s business and with his shrewdness, he grew them bigger.

In a nutshell, Sattar is an honest businessperson and, typical of his average, he jumps on every opportunity that promises great returns.

He does business with private sector and he does business with the public sector.

So why this hatred?

It’s in the nature of Malawians, especially those in diaspora, to always have a blue eye against certain Malawians, especially of Asian descent, as enemies mostly when they are successful businesspersons.

Sattar, to me, is a victim of that spirit, coupled with other competitors funding stooges to dirten his name.

Because if there is anything sinister Sattar has done, then why don’t we leave it to crime busting agencies and courts that we have to handle it.

As a democracy, we can’t allow certain people assuming the role of ACB, FIU, Police and Courts on social media just because they hate certain people. This is anarchy not order.

That is why some of us feel that if there anything Sattar has done, let’s leave it to crime busting bodies to handle that. Otherwise, trying people on social media doesn’t tell us anything about those being tried but the hatred behind those posting everyday.

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