Saturday, April 13

Legal Expert Describe As Shameful Passing Corrupt Practices Act Bill

A legal expert has described as shameful the passing of the Corrupt Practices Act Amendment bill two times within a single day.

The remarks come as yesterday parliament passed the bill two times after noting errors in the first amendment of the bill.

The error came after parliament deleted Section 42 of the Act which deals with the need to get consent from the DPP and Sec 10 Subsection 1 (f) which gives powers to the ACB director to prosecute subject to the directions of the Director of Public Prosecution.

If the president could have assented the first amendment of the Act , it meant that the country could have had an ACB that cannot prosecute whether with consent or no consent because the prosecutorial power of the bureau’s director was also removed by deleting Section 10 (1)(f) of the CPA .

Professor Garton Kamchedzela- a legal expert said what happened is shameful and it shows that our legislators pass some bills without thoroughly reading them.

“Maybe our members of parliament dont take time to actually look at what they are
passing.Its shameful what happened because it’s just two little Sections and then later on when people look at it ,they discover that there was a mistake and you say ok let’s pass it again .It just shows that we are people sometimes who are prone to be mediocre in the way we do things.I just hope they have followed all the procedures according to the standing orders of Parliament when doing that.

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