Malawi Have Enough Maize- Lowe

The country has adequate stocks of maize and therefore people should not panic.

Minister Of Agriculture Lobin Lowe has given the assurance when he spoke in Parliament in response to legislators’ questions to the government.

One of the legislators sought to find out when Government intends to construct and renovate ADMARC Markets at Lungwena in Mangochi and Ntonda In Ntcheu.

Later the Minister told MBC that currently, the country’s maize stocks are at over 200 thousand metric tonnes which is enough to last till the next harvesting season.

The Minister said currently the National Food Reserve Agency has started buying maize from farmers who are grouped in cooperatives.

“Our strategy is that we are selling maize where the situation is desperate like in the lower shire. But while that is happening we are buying maize through NFRA to increase the stocks,” said Lowe.

Lowe said the government has engaged Members of Parliament to ensure that cooperatives are not infiltrated by unscrupulous vendors.

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