Malawi To Lose Trillions Tax Payer’s Money On ACB Defamations

Never rains but pours, the list of malawians to influx Malawi courts for defarmations, ACB will be answering court cases from several malawians for defamation done by ACB under Martha Chizuma,
More malawians were dismissed from various appointments and others were injured prejudice with a hear say fake corruption case which never existed, A Case without any evidence at hand but influenced by the British and supported by disgruntled social media influencers, in history of Malawi this is the first time to have failed ACB that has managed to implicates innocent malawians without proper evidence at hand using fake corruption case supported by the unpatriotic social media influencers with fully funded by the British,

The chief Resident Magistrate’s Court Lilongwe adjourned a trial in which Martha Chizuma is accused of making defamatory remarks in a leaked audio, Chizuma trial on February 8,

Our investigations have however revealed that UK investigators in the arms deal have collaborated with Chizuma to destabilise Chakwera government through the pretext of fighting corruption.

It is revealed that the UK government wants to pursue its oil, gas and uranium interests in Malawi through weakening the Chakwera by controlling the military and the police.

Further, our investigations have further shown that Chizuma submitted a shody report to UK implicating all high court judges in Malawi as been bought as such they all need to be fired for Malawi to proceed.

Our investigations, which involved one to one meetings with Chizuma’s inner circle and some UK investigators who opted anonymity, have further shown that Chizuma and UK investigators have striked a deal which will see ACB being used by UK to weaken the Malawi government by shody investigations which will implicated senior government officials as corrupt as such they must step.

Equally shocking, the investigations shown that Chizuma was acting alone wolf these schemes bypassing all key institutions such as the Attorney General, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

In a phone recording in possesion between her and a UK investigator, Chizuma was heard saying that if Malawi is to develop, President Chakwera needs to be removed because he is not good for the country.

Analysts since questioned and challenged Chizuma’s drive, saying she was exhiting strange leadership traits, if left unattended to, will put the country on fire as it is today because she was not acting in the interest of the needs of malawians but interests of the British.

This is the first ACB Director who breached law of ACB secrecy in a leaked audio to a third party which made her fire herself from the job, Law expert narrated that Martha Chizuma fired herself from the ACB office as Director the time and day he spoke to the third party about the secrecy of ACB office she took oath,

The ACB Director made herself as the best ACB czar who by passed other institutions the Dpp and Attorney General and clicked to work with Facebook social media influencers with the British influence and funding forgetting that a fight to end corruption is not one man job,
The British funded online media with support from ACB cooked list of individuals suspects then shared it lying to the whole country that British Court was the one that released the said report. The same mainstream media trusted British sponsored and social media without serious verifying with British court and authorities but chose to criminate, when Martha Chizuma was exposed on her leaked audio against her office secrecy of oath, the same mainstream failed to take to task Chizuma but rather dwelled much on who leaked the audio.

The British funded online media, journalists, CSO, social media influencers to be pro to current ACB to get the deal done,

As it has been always observed Chizuma used social media friends cooked and sponsored posts to criminate businessman, public figures for personal vendetta.

Chizuma forgets that corruption is a complex that needs corroboration with the office of Attorney General (AG), DPP, police and general public not misguided social media friends.

Miss Chizuma, how are you going to do with people whose public image in shame over the substandard report that concrete evidence to be proved in court?

Malawians are watching on Chizuma! Taxpayers money are monitoring the emotional approach to complex matter on your desk,
Trillions taxpayers money to be paid for defarmations,

Why the British involved in funding the pro ACB media ?

The British spies were coming to investigate cases regarding our security arms procurement dealings,

In a statement a movement under the banner Mass Movement Advancement for Economic Revolution cationed the ACB and the state how serious were we at this asleep to the extent that even our NIB did not have fore knowledge that foreign spies were coming to investigate cases regarding our security arms procurement dealings?”

Human Rights Activist Bon Kalindo also gave Chizuma seven days to explain to Malawians as to why her office allowed the British National Crime Agency (NCA) to start probing arms deals Malawi purchased through Asian businessmen?

The report indicates that they wanted to know the secret security of this country on arms and others malawi is keeping.

They wanted to topple the Tonse government under the leadership of president Dr Lazarus Chakwera that’s why ACB faked corruption case produced a report and named every jim and jack as corrupt starting from the President, vice, ministers, principal Secretaries, Judges, lawyers, religious leaders, media houses, journalists, army, police, politicians.

The British wanted to groom and make ACB Director popular to become the president of this country after the tonse government is toppled but the plan has failed. The British are not good samaritans

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