Malawian Of Asian Origin Farook Gani Takes Clean Heels to UK

Malawian of Asian origin Farook Gani of Victoria Hotel in Blantyre, who became the jewelry and the crown of the former governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), has now shifted to the United Kingdom (UK) where he is buying properties in the name of his daughter.

Other than the United Kingdom he is also trying to set base in Dubai using the same tactics of fronting his daughter. His fear is being caught napping after several warnings from the public and media.

For starters Farook Gani was the man who grew wings at the Central Medical Store Trust and Ministry of health.

He used his political links and good relationships with the former head of state to get any business deal that came his way to the extent of bringing used synergies from China into our hospitals.

All this was known to the political establishment since he shared the loot with his fellow crooks. He could be given seven contracts in one week and fly to China and bring substandard products that would be paid even before delivery was completed.

This was known and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) then was unable to strike because of the political connections of Farook Gani.

At the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) he had a blessing of a senior official who day and night worked with one of the top state house official. That was how Farook Gani was well vest and linked to the ruling party. He was government and his word was Authority.

Apart from Ministry of Health Farook Gani was in charge of all procurement activities in the Malawi Defence Force (MDF).

He supplied food rations and meals at Changalume Barracks, Cobbe Barracks, Mafco, Para battalion, Mvera Combat Support Battalion, Kamuzu Barracks and the Navy.

But the food was poorly prepared and substandard, but soldiers could not question Farook Gani due to his closeness to former state house official.

This attracted complaints in private until DPP was defeated at the polls. This opened a can of worms since the public plus the service men and women could now speak out.

With this pressure Farook Gani opted to fly out and prepare a new heaven using the stolen money that was illegally externalized.

He is still doing the same locally, now using his son who loves golf as if the hotel is buying equipment and materials from China and South Africa.

Farook Gani is now cornered since any day he feels like he shall be arrested and humiliated.

Within his circles in Blantyre he has made it clear that he would rather stay in exile to avoid hand cuffs and conviction.

Farook Gani is a good example of a criminal element who decides to hide before the police take action

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