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Matola Accuse DPP Regime On Current Electricity Woes

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has accused the previous administration of plunging the electricity utility companies into the current mess where the utility companies are failing to provide adequate electricity to Malawians.

Matola said this speaking at a press briefing currently underway at the Central Office of Information (COI) in Lilongwe.

He singled out politicians forcing the utility companies to misprocure and by-pass laws governing the operations of the companies, being public entities.

Matola has also said the previous government was wasting resources for the companies by using their assets such as vehicles to ferry party supporters to political rallies and drawing free fuel from other power producers hired by government such as Agrecco.

He has said these malpractices have led to the reduction of national power production from 444 mega wats to 235 megawats currently.

Matola added that this scenario has affected all sectors of life including economy, health, education and agriculture.

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