Mirece supports land reclamation bought by foreigners

Reverend Flywell Somanje…. this is the way to go

A governance and human rights organization, the Millennium Information and Resource Centre [Mirece], says it supports Bon Kalindos sentiments that the 166 hectares of land bought illegally by a Bangladesh national, Muhammad Manani be reclaimed back to the land owners at Chitipi in Lilongwe.
The Mirece has asked the Malawi Parliament to revisit, review and amend the land act which favors foreigners to access land in Malawi saying this has contributed to the land owners losing land to the foreigners because of poverty.
The organization has since asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau [ACB] to arrest and prosecute all those who were behind selling land illegally to foreigners in Malawi so that land in Malawi is an asset to Malawians.
Its Director, Reverend Flywell Somanje gave an example of Dowa where refugees and asylum seekers have bought land for farming and settlement making poor land owners landless and end up being employed by the same foreigner who has bought their land.

Reverend Somanje was reacting to news that political activist Bon Kalindo aka Winiko was at Chitipi to see for himself the suffering of poor Malawians after their land was illegally bought by a foreigner, Manani a development which has forced the villagers to live as slaves in their own country.

Speaking to the villagers at the Green belt, Chitipi in Lilongwe, Bon Kalindo assured Muhammad Manani, a Bangladesh national that he has come to destroy his stupid federation just the same as what Ngwazi Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda did by destroying the stupid federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Kalindo assured the villagers that Police have done enough arresting them for their land but this time around he is ready to be arrested on their behalf giving Manani a-seven day ultimatum to surrender the land back to the owners or the villagers to march against him.

……’’Time to live in fear, time to be in the colonials and Sir Roy Welensky have gone, land for Malawi belongs to Malawians not foreigners,’’…..said Kalindo.
Reverend Somanje has asked other organizations and well- wishers to join a campaign of reclaiming illegally bought land to the land owners saying what is a worrisome development is that politicians are behind selling land to foreigners in Malawi.
In March, 2021 High Court judge Kenyatta Nyirenda ruled that a Bangladesh national, Muhammad Manani is the rightful owner of the 166 hectares of land at Chitipi after the villagers failed to turn up to defend themselves in court.

Judge Nyirenda granted an injunction to the villagers restraining them from entering and trespassing in the protected area ordering the police to enforce the ban for the villagers to comply with the court order.

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