Mozambicans Nabbed For Possessing Explosive Device

Two Mozambique nationals, Samuel Dickson Misozi, 52 and Tawanda Choma Kachipeya, 42 are in police custody in Mwanza for allegedly being found in possession of an explosive device.

Mwanza Police spokesperson, Inspector Edwin Kaunda says the two were arrested on Tuesday night along Makanani Escarpment by officers who were patrolling the area.

It us reported that the suspects were coming from Blantyre going to their country and when they saw police officers ahead of them, they ran into the bush. But the officers were critically monitoring them.

“In no time, one of the two was seen throwing away a certain object. Then, the officers rushed to the scene and confronted them on the object thrown down but the two failed to give a concrete answer.

“The officers then searched the place of the scene and discovered that the thing thrown was an explosive device resulting in their arrest,” says Kaunda.

Kaunda adds the two will appear in court soon to answer the charge of possessing an explosive device (material) without a permit.

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