NOCMA Paid K2.7 Billion To 4 Contracted Local Fuel Transporters

The National Oil Company of Malawi NOCMA has expressed optimism that fuel shortage will soon come to an end in the country.

This comes as people are still struggling on long queues to access fuel.

Meanwhile Lake Oil Limited and Carmel Oil Limited have paid 2.7 billion kwacha which is equivalent to 2.4 million dollars to 4 contracted local fuel transporters.

Micklas Reuben Director of Operations for National Oil Company of Malawi NOCMA said with the recent money amounting to about 30 billion kwacha that the country has secured will soon help to bring in more fuel.

According to Reuben, everyday, the country needs 1.7 million liters which on monthly means that there is need of 51 million liters which is not being met as currently the country is bringing in about 37 million liters per month.

Meanwhile Dr Margaret Kubwalo Treasure for Women in Logistics and Large Scales Suppliers hailed government for considering local transports to be part of bringing in fuel saying that this help to uplift local businesses.

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