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Oops! Batatawala’s Son On the Loose

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The Anti Corruption Bureau ( ACB ) has arrested self styled Blantyre businessperson Lido Karim also known as Batatawala two days after more than ten companies of his were striked off the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal PPDA list for bad business practices.

The Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda told the media that all businesspeople who was submitting inflated invoices and making false claims to government will be strikes off and shall not be able to do businesses.

It is in this regard that Lido Karim also known as Batatawala was arrested.

Another arrest warrant from the courts is for his son Maaz Karim who is involved in externalising funds to the United Kingdom, Dubai and Hong Kong amongst other destinations.

Maaz Karim is also wanted for fraud and money laundering charges.

According to family sources Maaz Karim is a British passport holder as such the British High commission should be involved since some of the money was banked in English banks.

Ill gotten properties in all these countries are in the name of Maaz Karim and the ACB through its international links have got clear details of these evil plans and deals.

The other warrant of arrested According to court sources is for Fayas Muhammad of AKI Investment who has been supplying goods to the Malawi Defence Force latest bring eight drones at an inflated price.

Today all the warrant of arrests shall be executed and the Fiscal Police have been incorporated to assist the ACB.

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