Produce More Babies–Malemia

EFF president Julius Malema has called on South Africans to reproduce more babies as much as they possibly can.

“Comrades, make babies and do not stress, I will pay, because the EFF government will double the child-support grant from R520 to R1 020 because our children deserve better,”

“Please do not be lazy, make babies all night. When we leave here, please get busy. And I do not care whether you are poor or not, just make babies.”

“We must multiply ourselves and leave legacy through our own children.”

According to him, being born poor does not mean one is condemned to die poor, and he himself is a living example in that regard.

“The poor too have a right to make children. And when we say make babies, we do not mean those under the age of 18. Those who are ready, do it unashamedly.”

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