School Feeding Programme Reducing Dropout

Authorities and some parents in Chikwawa have touted the School Feeding Programme (SFP) as a catalyst for higher primary school enrolment and a key factor in reducing the challenge of learners dropping out of school in the district.

A visit to Chilongoma Primary School unveiled that the provision of soy porridge to the learners improves not only learners’ nutrition but also their punctuality for classes. On a material day, we found the learners already at the institution as early as 6:30 am.

One of the pupils at the school, Carlos Welezi, told MBC Online that attending classes on an empty stomach is a great challenge to a learner. He recalls a time when he underwent that experience and said his performance in class was compromised.

“Before the introduction of the School Feeding Programme, my performance in class was not up to mark. I couldn’t understand the lessons as I was hungry. But now my concentration has improved because even if I don’t eat at home am assured of eating here at school. Last term I was number 9 and this term am aiming to be in the top five,” said Welezi.

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