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Silver Strikers Objects to Disciplinary Hearing, Dedza Dynamos Supports Silver Strikers

Silver Strikers Football Club objected to the SULOM Disciplinary Hearing on Monday 16th May, 2022 at Lilongwe Hotel arguing that the Disciplinary Hearing should first hear the complaint Silver Strikers lodged with Sulom that their players and supporters were beaten and urinated upon by Nyasa Bullets Supporters at Kamuzu Stadium on 30th July, 2021

Making submissions before the SULOM Disciplinary Committee, Silver Strikers Lawyer Chrispine Sibande argued that SULOM Constitution prohibits discrimination of any kind and on the basis of any reason. He argued that by not addressing previous complaints SULOM was clearly discriminating Silver Strikers Football Club. Sibande further submitted that Section 30(6)(c) of SULOM Constituon mandates the Disciplinary Committee to inquire and investigate SULOM Executive Committee Members on any breach of the Constitution. He argued that SULOM Executive was breaching their own Constitution by not addressing a complaint that was lodged almost one year ago but jumping to deal with the recent complaint. Silver Strikers argued that Section 30(6)(a) of SULOM Constitution empowers the Disciplinary Committee to make decisions on officials and there was need to make decision on the conduct of SULOM Officials. Sibande argued that what SULOM was doing was suffocation of football justice, threatens the peaceful game of football in Malawi as Malawians can clearly see that there is no fairness and justice on the part of SULOM. This may even affect various stakeholders and sponsors as Malawians expect equal treatment of teams, justice and fairness at all times. No biasness is expected from administrators.

Agreeing with Silver Strikers, Dedza Dynamos Football Club told the Disciplinary Committee that SULOM and Disciplinary Committee should first address previous complaints before coming to new issues. Dedza Dynamos Secretary General Mavuto Mugode said there was fear on their part as a new team that them too may be subjected to same injustice that Silver Strikers was going through now. He asked the Disciplinary Committee to hear Silver Strikers complaint and pend all new cases until old cases are resolved.

Making the ruling on this preliminary issue, Chairperson of SULOM Disciplinary Committee Shadreck Mhango said the Committee agreed with Silver Strikers that ordinarily SULOM should deal first with previous cases before attending to new ones. He said the public will indeed see this as a case of discrimination and he said the Committee sympathizes with what Silver Strikers has gone through. However he said the disciplinary cases are referred to them by SULOM Executive, therefore, they have to ask SULOM on why previous Silver Strikers complaint against Nyasa Big Bullets is not being addressed. The Disciplinary Committee then ruled that the disciplinary case against both Silver Strikers and Dedza Dynamos had to proceed as they don’t know which committee may hear the issue of Silver Strikers and Nyasa Bullets at Kamuzu Stadium on 30th July, 2021.

Silver Strikers tendered a letter they even wrote FAM asking FAM to entervene as SULOM was failing to act on their complaint.

After the ruling by the Disciplinary Committee both Silver Strikers and Dedza proceeded to make submissions on the incident that happened at Silver Strikers Stadium on 18th April, 2022.

Silver Strikers stated that there was a fracas at half time which was started by Dedza Dynamos official Ernest who invaded the pitch and sprayed some stuff on the southern goal post. But the incident was controlled by Silver Strikers Security officials who managed to take the Dedza Dynamos official to the dressing room. Silver Strikers submitted that both first half and second half were not affected as the incident happened during half time only and was quickly controlled.

Silver Strikers paraded 5 witnesses which included Silver Strikers Supporter Mile Gracian Kamtedza who was heavily assaulted by Dedza Dynamos official to the extent that he bled profusely and the first aid team stitched him with several stitches on the day. Other witness was FAM Steward who claimed to have seen everything and that the incident was caused by Dedza Dynamos official who actually left the bench and invaded the pitch, spraying things on the goal post. He said some Silver Supporters used unmanned small gate and entered the inside premises to confront the Dedza Dynamos official which led to the fracas. Last to testify were two security officials from Silver Strikers who said the incident happened because there were very few policemen, stewards and bouncers compared to what Silver Strikers and Malawi Police Service asked during the match preparatory meeting. The two Security Officers, Safa and Zoipa said Silver Strikers proposed 30 Stewards but SULOM approved only 15. They asked for 15 bouncers but SULOM only approved 8. Malawi Police Officers proposed 25 Police officers but only 15 were approved by SULOM.

Testifying before the Committe, SULOM Executive Member Michael Chemaele explained that reduction of security personnel happens through discussions with both teams because of the costs as teams have to pay for security from gate collections.

Dedza Dynamos made submissions through their Secretary General Mabvuto Mugode. Dedza Dynamos paraded one witness, Ernest, who is alleged to have invaded the pitch. Explaining their side of the story, Dedza Dynamos submitted that their security officer Ernest invaded the pitch to respond to what one Silver Strikers Supporter did to spray things on a goal post. On who first went to spray things on the goal post, Dedza Dynamos said according to them it was Silver Strikers Supporter who was the first and their security officer simply went to remove the things and sprayed water on the goal. They said the whole game was not affected as things happened at half time.

The Disciplinary Committee later played videos and showed both teams photos and asked questions to both teams.

The Disciplinary Committee adjourned the case to later date pending further inquiries on what really happened.

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