The Britons Wants To Capture Malawi And The Bait Is Zuneth Sattar

Analysis By Trim Chasweka Contributor

When you go fishing you use bait to catch fish, Zuneth Sattar is the bait to catch Malawi

FACT: What the eye catches from the media, especially the social media is mostly misleading – at least, here in Malawi.

UK has never had good will to Malawi

There is a bigger war than meets the eye, in terms of the back-room politics in Malawi, that is targeting to remove Tonse government led by President Lazarus Chakwera and his vice Dr Saulos Chilima, the plot is master minded by the Britons on smear campaign in the name to fight corruption in Malawi and the door to get Malawi to fulfill their mission is to suspect Sattar corruption,

Exposed! British NCA bankrolls PIJ and other agents to victimize the President, Vice President, Government officials, business persons, politicians, Pastors, Lawyers, judges in Malawi

The truth be told! The establishment of Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ) as an independent hub for public interest still remain questionable.

The British NCA are spending huge sum of money to PIJ through British High Commission office in the name project funding.

The current British High Commission to Malawi David Beer is the one masterminded the whole project.

The British High Commission is fully paying for PIJ team leader’s house rent, offices, monthly upkeep including legal expert for lawsuits.

The same British High Commission Office pressurized courts and police to leave Chizuma from questioning on the leaked audio case which is in court

With about a year into full operation, the platform gets direct funding from British National Crime Agency (NCA) via British High Commission Office in Malawi

and unfortunately, by the end of the President Lazarus Chakwera’s term, many innocent souls will be professionally and politically sacrificed, with their future doomed.

The British NCA funded media agent PIJ only staged a propaganda against Sattar, Nothing else

The platform is getting momentum currently on staged propaganda against successful businessman Zuneth Sattar.

PIJ through British funding made agreement with embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General to share notes or any document suspected to have worked with Sattar for their prey.

Consequently, any information related to corruption happening in Malawi, PIJ obtains from ACB Director with the blessings of British NCA.

ACB Director has been working tirelessly with PIJ and social media friends including Onjezani Kenani, Idriss Nasah, Chisa Mbele, Gogo gowoka and Benson Jackson Ojesi (Malawi Congress Party zealots) to solely attack Sattar to the end.

Unfortunately, British NCA is using these individuals unknowingly apart from ACB Director and PIJ who are fully funded for one course, that’s Sattar.

If you have notice on PIJ operatives are fully on Sattar nothing more serious is being reported by any other person on its platform

The British NCA Is up to something and Zuneth Sattar is the bait

According to reports, there has been a three-year-long investigation by Britain’s National Crimes Agency (NCA) into Sattar’s suspected corrupt dealings with Malawi government which according to the businessman it’s just mere speculations.

The investigation focuses on the businessman’s dealings with both the Peter Muthalika administration and the current Lazarus Chakwera administration.

Sattar believes the move is just there to tarnish his image as he is a major supplier to the Malawi government.

It was only until the UK come up with this that the Anti-Corruption Bureau in Malawi started acting as the businessman was not under any formal investigation by the Bureau.

In addition to that, in December 2015, ACB cleared Sattar’s connected companies from involvement in the 2013 Cashgate scandal.

His lawyer Simon Farrell QC, also made it clear to the court in UK that Sattar is an innocent man of good character and why should his business be turned upside down.

“He’s an international businessman crippled by this,” Farrell said adding that his client had acted properly throughout and believed that NCA case was misconceived.

He further told the court in UK that arguments submitted by the NCA that there was no evidence to support their claims.

When asked about the condition of his client, Farrell QC said “He is calm, composed, focusing and confident waiting for a day that people will be ashamed.

“It’s funny to note that people are mentioning names of people who don’t even have a hand in awarding contracts, what about those who offer contracts where are their names??? He wondered.

He said investigations done on wrong people won’t yield any results.

“My client was only a supplier you understand, where are those he was dealing with or are they afraid to mention their names?? People will know the truth not today, but eventually that day is coming,” he added.

The British NCA act on Sattar is unacceptable in the court of law.

The agency actions are not based on proper legal procedures but rather jealousy over the Sattar’s successes.

For starters, NCA has been investigating Sattar without proper involvement of Malawi government particular office of Attorney General (AG), Police, immigration and Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The agency only uses embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Martha Chizuma who works with social media friends.

To this far, Malawi government has never complained anything to Britain on Sattar business dealings with the state.

The British NCA in the said investigations has never probe on any Malawi government official on the alleged corruption but only focusing on supplier. What are the Britons interests?

This is why both AG and DPP have always told Chizuma to seriously look into the matter with sober minds than being emotional and personal vendetta.

One of Malawi government’s ministry of justice officials revealed that NCA has failed to establish real public officers who were involved in the alleged corruption while targeting the suppliers only, who is Sattar.

He added that NCA frequent arrests on Sattar is aimed at torturing him due to envy and jealousy on his successes.

“The British NCA are in a fix on how to proceed with their illegal investigation on alleged corruption probe; firstly, AG, DPP, NIB and Immigration were by-passed this means by law their (NCA) work is invalid. Secondly, there is only one side the British NCA and Chizuma are interested on supplier only not public officers who requested the services.

“If Sattar as supplier is being questioned for contract. Where are the buyer’s statements or explanation? Nothing is done or questioned. No witness statements either. Sattar is a target of Harassment. According to law. Supplier is the last to be asked. Buying entity is first to be questioned. But buying entity is free and only the supplier is harassed,” said the source.

Sattar will be paid heavily with taxpayers’ money for defamation

The source added further that AG, DPP do not have enough grounds to prosecute someone which later will cost government heavily.

“With also the leaked audio case in court puts the British NCA on spotlight disarray which was also mentioned in the audio. The audio exposed all NCA and Chizuma (not ACB office) personal vendetta on businessman Sattar. Chizuma’s public trust is gone,” says the source.

ACB acted illegally by communicating and accepting a team from NCA to operate and run affairs in Malawi without permission.

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