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The Infamous Nocma Case, Oryx Awarded Contract Without Tender

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Corruption At NOCMA, Oryx A warded contract without tender

When the allegations were leveled against three prominent Malawi citizens, it was stated by the so-called whistleblower that the three Honourable gentlemen were trying to influence the NOCMA Ag CEO to award contracts to some preferred companies albeit in exchange for what was termed bribes disguised as support to the regime. Whether State House was a beneficiary is a discussion for another day

One of the companies mentioned at the onset of the prolonged trial is Oryx/Addax a renowned supplier with capacity to provide fuel as they have done over the years. Strangely, it was stated that Oryx was “caught” on the wrong side and their name dragged along in the said case. As fate would have it, at the whim of the State, Oryx’s name was removed from list for reasons best known to themselves- prosecutorial discretion perhaps

Today we can reveal that Oryx has been awarded a contract to supply an initial 30m liters fuel as a rescue mission to save the crisis. This is some of fuel that is now trickling into Malawi. The questions:

  1. Was there a tender to award
  2. If these suppliers had capacity, shouldn’t they been offered the first especially because their price was $0.20 per liter cheaper than the ones NOCMA identified and are charging $4m per month more
  3. What happens to the gentlemen who were dragged to court in a case that seems to be at the mercy of one state witness who decides when they will appear in court

It comes across as a sham

For the avoidance of doubt, see below some sample invoices/entry including names of transporters, loading point, date and point of delivery in Malawi

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