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After reading the Acknowledgement of DEBT document, between Businessman, Mr Abdul Karim Batatawala and a Government employee, Mr Adamson Joseph Mkandawire, as a Change Agent With Eye Opener, I have established the following:

  1. The Transaction was a PRIVATE transaction between the two individuals. Just like people can lend money to each other, like the Katapila guys.
  2. The Transaction does not involve the State President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera in any way.
  3. Lending and borrowing money between adults with proper documentation does not Constitute to Corruption.
  4. The Document is clear, Mr Mkandawire borrowed money from Mr Batatawala at an interest, to use it to transport his goods from Kenya. In Chichewa we can call it Katapila.
  5. There was a loan agreement between the two which was duly signed by the lender and the borrower and with witnesses.
  6. Despite agreeing to repay within the agreed 9 Days, Mr Mkandawire is failing to repay the loan.
  7. The Lender, after noticing that the Borrower is failing to honour the agreement, dragged the Borrower to court for mediation. The matter is in court where if the borrower fails to repay, he might be declared bankrupt which may leave the State President with no option but to fire him from his position as Chief Advisor to the President.


(i) Mr Adamson Mkandawire should deal with this issue on his own.

(ii) The two, should not bring the State President in it, because there is nowhere in the Loan Agreement, where the State President is mentioned as being involved.

(iii) To the Media, please learn to report with accurate information. Get hold of the signed document so that you can give Malawians facts and not assumptions.


Documented evidence is more accurate and powerful than a verbal evidence, so they say.

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