Traditional Leaders Calls Govt To Cancel the contract awarded To China Railway 20

Traditional leaders in Nsanje are reiterating their calls for the authorities to cancel the contract awarded to China Railway 20 company on the Bangula-Marka railway rehabilitation project.

The demand follows growing voices of discontent over the company’s alleged incompetence in executing the Nsanje-Marka road project.

In a recent interface meeting, the local leaders observed that it was awkward for CR20 to undertake a major railway project.

The traditional leaders present at the meeting included Senior Chief Malemia, Chimombo, Nyachikadza, Ndamera and Ngabu.

In an interview with Capital FM, Senior Chief Malemia has stressed that as leaders they are not against the rail project as they have been yearning for it, but they are against is the contractor.

The Chief has underscored that the poor workmanship by CR20 on another project is what is worrying them.

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