Friday, February 23

State Challenge An Appeal On The Conviction Lawyer Raphael Kasambara

The State is hopeful of victory in challenging an appeal on the conviction of lawyer Raphael Kasambara and his two co-accused in the Paul Mphwiyo shooting case.

The 2 co-accused Pika Manondo and MacDonald Kumwembe were convicted of attempting and conspiracy to murder Mphwiyo, the former budget Director.

Kasambara was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

On Thursday, a panel of 7 Justices of Appeal heard submissions from both the defence and the state and reserved the ruling to a later date.

However, the state through the Director of Public Prosecution Steve Kayuni notes that the defence’s 18 grounds of appeal lack substance.

However, Manondo and Kumwembe’s lawyer Michael Goba Chipeta says there is no evidence that his clients committed the offences.

In the picture; Kasambara (c) during one of his court appearances

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