UDF appoints female regional DOY


The United Democratic Front (UDF) Youth Wing has appointted Annie Thindwa as Regional Director of Youth (DoY) for the north at its national executive committee (Nec) meeting held in Mzuzu last Saturday.

Thindwa, who has succeeded Charles Ndembo, becomes the first female to hold such a position in the region.

The UDF Youth Wing has since challenged her to transform the Youth Wing so that it gains the much needed support in the region.

UDF Youth Wing president, Yussufuh Sambo, said in an interview that the newly appointed DoY to be strong and determined saying the position she will be holding is not just senior but very involving.

“Parties always anticipate much from DoYs whenever party activities are being organised. She should also know that she is a leader for all those who like her and those who don’t. Whenever you sit on that seat, you are like a parent. She should have a self vision and improvise means to achieve her vision. We will never condone laissez faire attitude.
“She should also set targets, to say by the end of 2023, such and such things be done. but her vision and targets should aim at making sure that they are adding value to the party especially as we are going towards 2025 tripartite elections,” said Sambo.

He added: “We have high expectations in her considering that northern region is not our stronghold so she has a big task to make sure that UDF has a portion of the northern population during the 2025 elections, thus we want to see an improvement in membership base in the north.”

Charles Ndembo welcomed the development

Sambo said he was delighted to have Thindwa on board saying the youth wing like the mother party, believes in empowering women in various positions that exist in UDF.

“UDF is the only party in Malawi which is empowering women. This is evidenced in the UDF’s main body that the president [Lilian Patel] is a woman, the vice president for the north [Victoria Mponela] too. Even in the youth hwing, we have several females in positions like my vice president for central region [Linda Chisemphere], the deputy secretary general and here we are for the first time in the history of Malawi we have a female as a director of youth.
“Actually even our youth wing constitution categoricaly states that any position should be deputised by a member of opposite gender. So we are the pioneers of 50:50 campaign which we are championing,” he said.

On her part, Thindwa said she was grateful for the new role and promised to woe more youths in the northern region to join the former governing party.

“It’s not easy to be on the position of DoY. I am so grateful to UDF Youth Wing national executive committee for my appointment They have not appointed a wrong person because the Youths in the northern region will love the party because I am capable of convincing people. The other thing is that I will embark on filling all vacant positions in my committee and also in all district committees so that we are vibrant. Let me call upon my fellow office bearers and all members to collectively work together for us to win more local government and parliamentary seats in the region as well as winning the presidency. This will be achieved if we refrain from pulling others down through backbiting among many demotivating factors. We must unite for a common goal,” said Thindwa.

According to a letter of discharge signed by Sambo and UDF Youth Wing secretary general, Kapichira Mussa, Ndembo was discharged from his duties and position as DoY for the north for among other reasons failing to attend regional youth meetings.

“Due to failure to organise meetings for the past six months, the youth regional team is no longer active hence all activities which were planned stalled due to your poor leadership,” reads the letter in part.

And speaking in an exclusive interview on Tuesday, Ndembo welcomed his removal from his position and the appointment of another person to his position.

“I do not have much to say but wish her a successful tenure of office” he said.

P/S: Attached is a photo of Annie Thindwa

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