Zamba Introduced to a lady called Evalister Kamwangala to act as a broker

Buluma further tells the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament that Zamba again introduced her to a lady called Evalister Kamwangala to act as a broker between Abu Dhabi Oil Company of the United Arab Emirates for fuel supply contracts.

She says she was surprised with the development as she had earlier been linked to be talking to the foreign company’s CEO.

Buluma adds she got suspicious of the motives as this deal was now having at least four brokers.

She tells PAC that this was a strange arrangement as what she knew was that the deal was supposed to be government to government and not otherwise.

“I was asked to travel to Dubai to meet Evalister for certain things I needed to sign. When I searched about Eva on LinkedIn, I noted Eva is a motivation speaker. I advised madam chair {Zamba} that I should not travel and I insisted we needed to follow right procedures,” explains Buluma.

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