Thursday, February 22


This publication has received on it’s desk a letter dated 17th March,2021 from the Human Rights Defenders Coalition(HRDC) addressed to the heads of;Malawi Revenue Authority(MRA) Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Financial Intelligence Unit(FIU).

The reputable HRDC,which has an effective whistleblowing department,elaborated the series of allegations they received against Mr Mahommed Farid Sattar,Sir H Adam and Sons based in Zomba. Who are sole proprietors of H Adam Wholesalers.

This is what has been written in the letter and i qoute; “HRDC has received reports of allegations that Mohammed Farid Sattar,Sir H Adam, and sons of Zomba,who owns H Adam
and Wholesalers have been trying to bribe MRA officers to enable them to evade paying
taxes to the Malawi Revenue Authority.

It is further alleged that they have been externalizing
Forex to invest in properties in the UK, RSA and UAE.

It is further speculated that the wholesale
has been importing food staff and bypassing Malawi Bureau of Standards certification.

HRDC is calling upon MRA and ACB, FIU to investigate the allegations on duty evasion,
externalization of forex and attempt to bribe MRA Officers.

HRDC is further calling for
investigations on how the owner of H Adam Wholesalers accumulated wealth abroad?”.

This matter must be given utmost attention. Why should someone make money in Malawi and invest in other countries?

How was they able to push out billions upon billions of Kwachas to overseas? Which bank facilitated this? Which Government department allowed such impunity to take place?

They accumulated wealth in Malawi through government’s contracts. All past contracts must be investigated at Public Procurement Disposal of Assets Authority(PPDA).

This is what our president has been advocating that everyone is part and parcel of developing Malawi while H Adam Family is looting,exploiting our resources thereafter laundering the money to other countries.

Fellow Countrymen. We should not allow such people to continue abusing our resources. The Finacial Intelligence Unit must immediately embark on investigating this alleged “corrupt” family and our stolen money returned Asap.

We have so many urgent needs nationwide this money can cater for.

H Adam Wholesalers must fall and we should totally denounce & shun their products

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