Tuesday, February 27

Mzimba Solola MP donates K1 Million to District Party Committee

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament for Mzimba Solola, Jacob Hara has donated cash amounting to K1 Million to Rumphi district committee of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) as one way of strengthening the party structure at the grassroot.

Presenting the donation on-behalf of Honorable Jacob Hara on Wednesday, March 16,2022 at a function that took place at Rumphi Boma, Deputy Organizing Secretary for the party, Aram Beza said Hara as a bonafide member of the party thought it wise to assist the district to constitute its area committees in all the four constituencies in order to have strong party structures down from the grassroots, which is the backbone of party and any well established political organization.

“Hon. Jacob Hara sent me on his behalf to present this cash to you as one way of appreciating the party work you are doing, but also to make sure you constitute the areas in all the constituencies so that the party is too strong here.”

“Hara is not from this region, he is from the North South, and all of you know this, but for him to consider extending his arm in donation to our region and Rumphi district in particular with such amount of money is not something to be taken for granted, not many can do this.” Said Beza while earning applause from district and constituency officials who came to witness the presentation of the donation.

During his speech, Beza took an advantage to thank the Chairman for the North North region, Kezzie Msukwa for tirelessly making sure that there is progress in the running of affairs for the party.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the district, the district chairman for Rumphi in the Malawi Congress Party, Ken Mzembe thanked Hon. Jacob Hara for the gesture, saying if many of the party senior officials can emulate what Hara has done, the party could not be struggling in its activities at the grassroots.

But in a separate interview with this reporter after receiving the donation, Mzembe had this to say “To us and especially me as district chairman, we are very thankful to be given K1 million from Hon. Jacob Hara, and the whole of my committee thanks a lot to Hon. Hara for the donation.

” The donation bill help us in so many activities especially in arranging area committees in all four constituencies. We will make sure the donation serves the intended purpose, and we appeal to other party officials who have capacity to humbly emulate the gesture by Hon. Hara regardless of the region they are coming from, if we are to strengthen our party further at all levels.”

Jacob Hara has set a record for being the first MP for Mzimba Solola to serve for more than one term, and was recently drafted into President Chakwera’ cabinet as Minister of Transport and Public Works few months ago.

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