Friday, February 23

Malawi has best Marijuana in the world

Malawi is a nation of plenty. The country has fresh water bodies including lakes, streams and rivers coupled with fertile soils favorable for arable crops production.

Malawi has also conducive environment for growing ganja or Marijuana, Indian hemp or Chamba.

No amount of fertilizer is required for the crop as is estimated 80 percent of the world population takes ganja for daily undertakings. No wonder there’s gold in Ganja but its business is done secretly.

Malawi still prohibits growing, selling and possession of Indian Hemp that if found the person is arrested and prosecuted and charged to serve prison sentences.

Interestingly, a garden of ganja attracts birds of many types and colours taking it as food, singing different songs and praising God for the very important food which has made other people to serve prison sentences.

Pioneer of Mindset Change project and Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group, Bantu Saunders Jumah discloses that Malawi produces the best ganja in the world.

Malawi however is advancing to legalize the growing of industrial Indian hemp for forex earning.“`

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