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FDH Money Bureau invests K2m to re-equip science labs for Bangwe Day Secondary School

Khamula presents the cheque to headteacher Kamlete and headgirl Patuma Mbewe and headboy Gift Mwango

* A good lab inspires students to love science subjects—headteacher Kamlete

* I am sure as soon as we renovate and re-equip the labs, our students would do well in their science studies

As part of the on-going ‘FDH Mentor a Child’ programme, FDH Money Bureau invested K2 million to Bangwe Day Secondary School on Wednesday to re-quip its science laboratories, which are in bad state.

The cheque and the Mentor a Child session was presented by FDH Money Bureau Managing Director, Daniel Khamula — who also studied at this school from 2014, the year it was commissioned.

The school is situated close to a kilometre from Namiyango market after the MACOHA Weaving Factory on the Mugabe Highway but it is hidden from view through its perimeter fence as it was built on a slope.

From its facade, as attested by Khamula, it was such a beautiful institution and it needs much more investment to restore its grandeur — which the schools management chose the all-important science labs as a priority when FDH Money Bureau asked it to choose an area it could assist on.

A tour of inspection to the labs

The students were delighted and gave a shrill round of applause when the CEO introduced himself, saying: “My name is Daniel Khamula, and I am one of you because I studied here some 15 years ago. So you can address me as Daniel.”

He went on to motivate and inspire on the 508 Form 3 and 4 students, saying this was the right time to choose their career paths while impressing on them that the choices are plenty that are on offer in all the corporate and public companies in the country.

He also encouraged them that they should also not just target on being employed once they finish their studies but also consider attempting entrepreneurship.

He said having not had any opportunity of being mentored during their time, and realising this is one important aspect of education, FDH Group saw the need to initiate this programme — which targets to reached out to over 20,000 secondary school students by 2024.

“Young minds like you need to be mentored so that those of you who are doing fine in the studies should maintain their status quo while those in the middle should be encouraged to add some effort and push upwards.”

Khamula spoke from his heart by sharing some highlights of his studies at the school that led him to choose accounting as his career path, which he obtained at Malawi College of Accountancy as a chartered accountant.

He impressed on them on keeping discipline; choosing the right company of friends and above all respecting their teachers, parents and above all having the love of God — as some attributes that can help them concentrate on their studies.

Another round of applause was when he discouraged them against romantic relationships, which he said — and subject to no discussion — greatly distracts young minds no matter how intelligent they may be.

A visit to the library where Khamula was its prefect

In her vote of thanks for the mentorship session and the investment towards re-equipping the science labs, the headteacher, Jean Malomboza Kamulete said this was the school’s most proud day.

She added that they faced many challenges since most of the paraphernalia in the labs were broken down, rending the teachers to innovate in their service delivery, which was not healthy in as far as science lessons are concerned.

“A good lab inspires students to love science subjects and I am sure as soon as we renovate and re-equip the labs, our students would do well in their science studies and examinations.

“We are very honoured that you chose Bangwe Day Secondary School for the mentorship session and having you, the Managing Director, as the former student to speak to us is a great motivation for these students.

The FDH Mentor a Child programme was rolled out last year by FDH Group Chief Executive Officer, William Mpinganjira at Chichiri Secondary School in celebration of the International Day of the African Child — where FDH donated 62 desks and 105 chairs worth K3 million to solve one of the challenges the school faced.

Early this month, the programme was enhanced at Chiradzulu Secondary School presided over by FDH Bank Deputy Managing Director, George Chitera where he presented a donation of 80 mattresses worth K2 million for the school’s hostels.

Chitera also pledged to award students if they attain single digit points from their Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination as well as making a personal commitment to be paying school fees, uniforms, shoes and other needs for the most underprivileged but very outstanding performing students.

The pledge came with a condition that the school management would identify the best performing needy students but will have to continue getting high performance results throughout their duration of their studies there.

In his preamble, Chitera wowed the students when he introduced himself as: “I am George Chitera, I come from Chitera Village, T/A Chitera in Chiradzulu District” which was welcomed by a huge round of applause from the students as Chitera Village is the neighbouring community to the school.

When launching the nationwide school career guidance mentorship initiative last year, Mpinganjira also inspired students that they chose Chichiri through his own suggestion since he was emotionally attached to it as he had gone through his early education at the secondary’s neighbouring feeder primary school.

The career guidance initiative was mooted at the company that every member of staff should play a role in this mentorship in order to own any corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that they shall be carrying out.“`

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