Tuesday, February 27

Will Chakwera Fix Economy In 85 Days?

Concerned Citizens of Malawi say President Lazarus Chakwera is remaining with 85 days to fix the challenges Malawians are facing in the country or resign as he promised.

Chairperson for the grouping Oliver Nakoma said this on Thursday after presentation of the petition to the head of state through Blantyre District Council.

Nakoma said President Chakwera is remaining with 85 days to reach two years in the office to change everything as he said during his campaign period.

“It’s time for President Chakwera to walk a talk to make sure what he promised should be fulfilled within the remaining days,” he said.

He further said upon expiry of the given period they will demand the president to resign or demand him to call for a referendum so that Malawians should decide.

“We will challenge him to call for a referendum so that people should decide if they would like him to continue to rule the country or not based on what he told us”, he added.

Director of Planning and Development for Blantyre District Council Tamanya Harawa who received the petition on behalf of government assured demonstrators that the council will deliver the petition to relevant authorities.

Among other issues, the grouping highlighted during demonstration included non-consideration to civil servants on salary increment, continued rising costs of living, rising cases of corruption, increased number of university students at the verge of dropping due to economic challenges, nepotism, unfulfilled campaign promises, and injustices in the courts of the country.

Many people did not patronise this demonstration from the assembly point but it got momentum upon reaching Haile Selassie avenue in the Central Business Division of Blantyre City.

There was heavy presence of police officers from the assembly point of Yanakis roundabout through Kamuzu high way to Blantyre District Council.

Organizers said more demonstrations are expected to take place in Lilongwe and Mzuzu.▪️

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