Tuesday, February 27

Martha Chizuma Should Be Fired For Violating Oath Of Office In The Leaked Audio

A group of concerned citizens in Lilongwe, is organizing itself to hold anti-Martha Chizuma demonstrations on Friday.

The grouping, trading under the banner “mzika zokhudzidwa” says they want ACB Director Martha Chizuma fired with immediate effect for violating her oath of office in the leaked telephone conversation.

Speaking during a media briefing, leader of the grouping Redson Munlo says, the group will present their petition at Parliament through Public Appointments Committee (PAC) and another petition to the office of the President to remove Chizuma.

He adds, that after presenting their petition to the President, they will further march to ACB to present the petition to Chizuma herself asking her to resign.

According to the grouping, they want Chizuma to step down to pave way for Police investigations into the leaked audio.

“We will start our demonstrations Friday morning from Lilongwe community ground, we urge you Malawians to come and join us as we are fighting our course to protect our laws and supremacy of our land as we are going to the streets to protect the integrity of ACB office” said Munlo.

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