Thursday, February 22

UNESCO drills Teacher trainees in peace building and violence prevention

David Mulera. Acting Deputy Executive Secretary MNCU

By Esnath Kalawe

The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) conducted a peace building and prevention of violence capacity building training which targeted Teacher Trainees from various institutions across Malawi on Thursday.
UNESCO in partnership with International Institute for Building which is based in Ethiopia, aimed at enhancing capabilities in peace building and prevention of violence in young Teachers from different colleges and institutes.
Speaking during the training in Lilongwe, The Acting Deputy Executive Secretary for Malawi National Commission for UNESCO, David Mulera said the training will essentially aid in promoting peace and curbing crimes, pertaining to the mandate of UNESCO.

PS for Ministry of National Unity Elizabeth Gomani

“The idea is that Teacher trainers and trainees should embrace the principles of peace building and when they go back to their colleges where they are teaching, they should be able to arbitrate the principles of peace in their learners.” Mulera explained.
Mulera added that Teachers are found everywhere in communities, and they are influencers of peace builders in the communities.
He said their capacities in preaching about peace building will be very vital and the messages will be of importance as information will reach all corners of the country.
The Principal Secretary for the Ministry of National Unity who was also the Guest of honor, Dr Elizabeth Gomani said her ministry has a critical role in the training since it is centered on peace building and prevention of violence.
“It is very relevant to our Ministry as it is our core mandate to ensure that there is peace and unity across the country.
“We would like the young people to grow up with that mentality of peace building and conflict prevention.” explained Gomani.
Gomani alluded that her ministry is in the process of revising the school curriculum saying the best way of transmitting information to young ones is through education curriculum.

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