Wednesday, February 28

Should Malawi Settle For The Compromised ACB Director?

The integrity of any nation is normally sustained by well drafted ethics which are expected to be adhered to by all civil servants. This is the accepted government business culture.

The office of Anti-Corruption Beaurea Director holds significance of big magnitude in preserving the public resources and keeping the secrets of the nation. The nature of the job in this office demands the bearer to observe the required discipline to avoid breaking the oath of office.

Few months ago, the integrity of Malawi had a disappointing test when the ACB director was heard disclosing secrets of her office in a strange leaked audio. The leaked audio described police and judges as very corrupt when executing their duties.

Owing to the job description of ACB director, unpacking the secrets of her office activities to the public is tantamount to breaking the oath of office. The narration in the leaked audio put the lives of delegated officers at jeopardy hence crippling the initial vigour applied in pursuing national issues.

Malawi is a law abiding country with ethical public officers who are always striving to uphold the required integrity. As such, the country can’t settle for a compromised Anti-corruption Beaurea Director to handle sensitive business of the government.

It is very unfortunate that Martha Chizuma still shows resistance to leave ACB office after deliberately broke the oath of office. The development has prompted the organisers of previous demonstration to gather multitudes in readiness for Virgils to be staged at Kamuzu moseleum adjacent to the Malawi parliament.

Our message is simple, Martha Chizuma should be replaced with immediate effect to avoid draining public resources due to avoidable compensations, penalties and some charges emanating from lost cases.Resign now or face emberrassment beyond your take.

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