Tuesday, February 27

Abolish AIP To Save Forex-Churches

The Church and Society of the Livingstonia synod has proposed for the abolishment of policies like the Affordable Input Program-AIP for the country to save on the much needed forex.

The remarks from Moses Mkandawire Church and Society’s executive director comes as the country is sailing through economic turmoil coupled with shortage of forex which has also affected the supply of certain goods and services.

The remarks also echoes sentiments from players in the agricultural sector who have for some time now questioned the relevance of AIP on grounds that it targets people who are not capable of conducting farming ,who end up selling their coupons to vendors.

Mkandawire questioned the justification on the wastefulness spending of forex on fertilizer importation on a program he said is meant to garner political points for those in power than being developmental hence urging the citizenry to begin advocating for its abolishment.

“programs like the AIP drains the country of its forex as we spend a lot on fertilizer importation-such forex can be saved if we abolish this program which has been a failure only meant to help politician gain political milage” said Mkandawire.

With this he has urged the public to begin questioning the relevance of some of government’s polices saying they have xero contribution to the country’s economic growth.

In 2021-22 farming season, Malawi spent about one hundred and twenty six billion kwacha to import fertiliser for the Affordable Farm Input program.

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