Friday, February 23

Chakwera Challenges New SPC To Deliver

Today 3rd June 2022 is another memorable day in the history of women empowerment as Colleen Zamba has been sworn in as the new Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Zamba replaces the former SPC Zanga Zanga Chikhosi.

Giving a word of counsel to the new SPC, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera said the position of Secretary to the President and Cabinet is very crucial to guide the implementation of government policies and programmes across the public sector and efficient delivery of services to Malawians by civil servants.

Therefore, Dr Chakwera challenged the new SPC to be humble, honest, and courageous saying not all will subscribe to the changes she will bring.

He cited malpractices such as stealing, abusing public resources, conspiring against authority when one is in charge and trying to instil discipline among others.

Dr Chakwera asked the new SPC to be steadfast and honest in correcting wrongs.

Zamba brings in more than two decades of experience having served as an Economic Advisor to the UNDP in countries such as Nigeria, Zambia, Swaziland and Lesotho.

She also served as Principal Secretary for several Ministries such as Finance, Trade and Industry and Special Assistant in the Office of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi.

Until her appointment, Colleen Zamba was Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit and Chief Advisor to the President on Sustainable Development Goals.

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