Wednesday, February 28

Manani Vows Not To Surrender His Land To Anyone

Mohammed Abdul Manani, a Malawian of Asian origin has said he will not surrender his land at Chitipi in Lilongwe to anyone.

This comes as Politician-cum-comedian Bon Kalindo yesterday gave a one-week ultimatum to Manani to surrender to locals the Green park land at Chitipi in Lilongwe.

Addressing the media at Green park farm on Monday, Manani said he will not surrender the land as it belongs to him and he has all valid papers for it.

According to Manani, he bought the land in 1999 and villagers were the ones coming to him asking him to buy the land from them. He added that Traditional leaders also witnessed and approved the sell.

“So those claiming ownership of the land now, where were they all this time? Why are they coming now to say the land is theirs after 20 years? The land is mine and I have all the papers which they don’t have,” said Manani.

He added that, the issue was taken to court and there is an injunction obtained by him which those claiming ownership of the land failed to challenge.

Manani has told the media that he will not take any orders from Kalindo because he does not have powers to give such orders on land issues.

A group of people at Chitipi led by Alfonso Jamali is claiming ownership of the land and has since involved Kalindo to help them get the land.

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