Wednesday, February 28

An honest advice to Chizuma: don’t over rely and trust Social Media

By Pato Phoya

Maybe People Change but honestly it needs sober minds to analyse the ‘apparent fight’ between the DPP and the ACB Director….

I have known Steve Kayuni as a cool person. He is selfless and does not allow emotions to guide his actions. He does not think with his blood. Does not seek the limelight. Always fighting from the back. He is a kind of person that attributes success to teamwork and takes responsibility for the failure of the entire team.

I knew Steve after I had finished my O level and my brief interaction with him at St Mathias Parish in Lilongwe left an indelible mark in me about the College that God loved the most.. Of course none could tell that he was a Law Student then. Very humble.

Even when I joined and paraded in the blessed corridors of Chilunga, the guy was so down to earth. He never carried the intimidating books. A very devout Catholic.

I do not agree that Steve is the problem at the DPP office.

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