Wednesday, February 28

Chinese National Lu Ke Susu will spend more time at Maula Prison

Chinese National Lu Ke popularly known as Susu will spend more time at Maula Prison as the case has been adjourned to 19th August.

This comes as Serah Mwangonde Senior State Advocate said defense asked for ample time to go through first set of disclosures which have only been provided this morning.

Mwangonde added that there will be second set of disclosures that will be provided to the defense in 7 days time.

Meanwhile Andy Kaonga Defense lawyer agreed to adjourn the case to the next immediate available date saying the accused has already spent a long time at Maula Prison.

Senior Resident Magistrate James Mankhwazi has since ordered the state to fast track in providing disclosures to defense so that the plea taking should take place on 19th August.

Susu is accused of exploiting Malawian children at Njewa in Lilongwe through video clips he was shooting for profit.

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