Wednesday, February 28

Bright Msaka Risks Expulsion From DPP

Mounts a rebellion against party President

The Democratic Progressive Party Vice President for the Eastern Region, Hon. Bright Msaka SC, is likely going to be expelled from the party following his declaration to challenge President Peter Mutharika at the forth coming party convention.

the veteran diplomat and lawyer, indicated that time was ripe for him to get out of the cocoon and declare his interest to contest for the party’s top job.

Msaka’s declaration comes barely a month after President Mutharika told the media that he would succumb to people’s pressure to stand at the convention and concequently carry the mighty blue flag at the 2025 polls.

If rules of natural justice are to be applied, the Machinga Likwenu legislator must be expelled for indiscipline and insubordination.

It is on record that some four party officials were once expelled for allegedly committing similar offences.

The nation is yet to see how the party through the “CEC” is going to react to Msaka’s stance.

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