Wednesday, February 28

Current ACB Under Chizuma Is Clueless Time Waster

Malawians on social media have taken swipe at the country’s graft bursting agency Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) for petty arrests without enough evidence against the suspects in courts.

The outburst comes barely hours after ACB issued a public statement of arresting Former Finance Minister Joseph Mwanamveka for allegedly abusing his office

Mwanamveka arrested

ACB alleges that investigations showed that the former finance minister abused his office to approve the payment without verifying the urgency and importance of the equipment.

But Malawians on social media are throwing stones on ACB under Martha Chizuma’s leadership over petty arrests without serious prosecution.

The current ACB hash to arrest people without thoroughly investigation and concrete evidence

“The arrest of Mwanamveka is a continuation of the same old song, nothing is new here. ACB is just wasting our time and energy paying attention to them,. And it seems the current corrupt leaders will be arrested after government is booted out of leadership. As for now, former corrupt leaders are the ones to face the law ” rebukes George Majamanda.

Andsen Banda chips in, “And when they go to court the state will be asking for more time so that further investigations can be conducted into the matter and yet we are told that the ACB thoroughly conducted its investigations.

“The courts are full with ACB related files but no progress. The ACB should avoid arresting people merely based on their political connections as this may come back to haunt us through legal battles for unlawful arrests”


Kayuni not happy with Chizuma work
Mark Mgulawanthu concurs, “We spend more time on things that are of no any positive results”.

“One of the games that we hate the most is when they arrest each other to give us the impression that they are doing something about corruption when there is nothing being done,” adds Brian Mendulo.

Since Chizuma became ACB Director General no serious corruption case has been concluded but galore of arrests.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Steven Kayuni has for several times denied Chizuma consent to prosecute corruption cases without enough evidence.

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