Wednesday, February 28

India Celebrates ITEC Day

The Government of India has pledged continued support towards the implementation of the country’s aspirations as outlined in Malawi 2063 through capacity building and technical support.

Indian High Commissioner to Malawi Shri Gopalakrishnan was speaking in Lilongwe during the 58th celebration of Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) Day.

Meanwhile, Minister of Water Development and Sanitation, Abida Mia, has lauded the Government of India’s flagship programme for training 800 Malawians in different sectors of the economy.

Established in 1964, ITEC is celebrated on 15 September every year and provides human capital development to developing countries. Annually, India offers 14,000 scholarships.

Reported by Tasungana Kazembe, MBC Online Services.


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