Wednesday, February 28

Ex MCP Detainees Claims K23 Trillion

The Returnees and Ex-Detainees Association of Malawi has expressed concern over media reports indicating that the 23,000 members are claiming K23 trillion compensation from Malawi Government after suffering different atrocities and human rights abuses during one party system era.

Addressing the media in Lilongwe, Vice Chairperson for the association, Lyson Betha, said the members have never made such claims even meeting the Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, to discuss the matter.

“As far as we are concerned the proposed figures are within K600,000 to K20 million compensation per person. That is what we had presented to the Office of the Ombudsman back in 2017 hence we are surprised with the inflated figure of K23 trillion,” Betha said.

Betha said efforts to meet Attorney General have proved futile.

The association however acknowledged having had a meeting previously with Minister of National Unity, Timothy Mtambo.

In response to the concerns, the Attorney General said according to the documents of the claimants from his office the K23 trillion is the reality of what the 23 thousand people are claiming. He said there is a need to meet the group to reach a compromise as the government can not manage to pay out the K23 trillion compensation.

“We made an assessment based on the documents we have that is why we arrived at that figure which is not sustainable it’s more than our yearly national budget,” Nyirenda said.

The Attorney General however denied claims that he told the local media that he met the association.

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