Saturday, February 24

Grenade explosion shocks Dzaleka camp residents

A Refugee Rights Advocate Innocent Magambi says as much as people have the right to express what they think about refugees in relation to the detonation of the grenade that exploded on Wednesday inside the Dzaleka Camp in Dowa district, it is important to understand that Dzaleka residents are also shocked by the attack from the enemy.
Magambi said whoever the enemy is he or she who carried out the attack for the grenade to explode in the camp does not represent refugees and asylum seekers or Malawians advising all to wait for the police report.
Speaking in a telephone interview, Magambi said he expect the police to look at the pieces of the grenade to establish whether it is Malawian or foreign and other details for the truth to prevail saying everyone in the camp is equally shocked.
Magambi said from the information gathered, the person who was critically injured, is one of the first people who came to Dzaleka Refugee Camp when it was established in 1994 his name is Butoyi Balthazar saying he is a community leader and owns a few business in the camp.
He said Balthazar’s daughter aged 23 died last year in February and his son, 26 years old died in February, this year saying the two, were the only adult children he had and were born in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp
…..’’Dzaleka residents are all in shock, they don’t know what really happened for the grenade to explode, we are still waiting for the police to release full details for the attack,’’….he said.
Following the grenade that exploded on Wednesday, five people were injured, they were rushed to the Dowa District Hospital where they are receiving treatment, and Police officers are on the ground to establish what really happened for the grenade to explode inside Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

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