Wednesday, February 28

Traffic Police Warned To Stop Confiscating Driving licenses From Motorists And Corruption

Newly appointed Minister of Homeland Security, Ken Zikhale Ng’oma has said his main task is to bring back public trust and stamp out corruption among the police and other ministerial departments.

The minister said this on Tuesday when he conducted a fimiliarizatiin meeting with department heads under his ministry at National Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.

The meeting involved Malawi Police Service, Immigration Department, Malawi Prison Service, National Registration Bureau (NRB) and the Department of Refugees.

He said it is sad and unpleasing that citizens continue to complain about corrupt practices among deferent law enforcement agencies and departments under his ministry.

Inspector General of Malawi Police, Merlyne Yolamu has hailed the Minister’s visit, which she said will cement the spirit of togetherness among the agencies.
The Minister has condemned traffic police officers and advised them to stop confiscating driving licenses from motorists when checking traffic offences saying the practice is against the law.

Zikhale said this during an interface with heads of security organs in the country at Area 30 Police Headquarters in Lilongwe.

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