Wednesday, February 28

MCP Had Nothing To Do With Democratic Progressive Party Fundraising Dinner Dance

The Malawi Congress Party MCP has refuted reports that is has a hand in the cancellation of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Fundraising Dinner and Dance that was scheduled for Saturday, February 18th, 2023 at the College of Medicine Complex in Blantyre.
MCP Spokesperson Maurice Munthali told GDTV following allegations that MCP has contributed to the failure of the dinner and dance.
Munthali says as MCP, they have a lot to do in taking care the welfare of the party and helping the president to run government business.
He says there was no MCP member in the organizing committee of the dinner and dance therefore it is improper for the DPP to be pointing fingers at the MCP .
Munthali says this is only shows that the DPP is deficient of good leadership as they cannot be talking of failure yet they are pointing fingers at others.
He says if the DPP surely believes that the MCP had a hand in their failed dinner-dance, they must bring forth evidence proving that the MCP is responsible.
On Monday, the Democratic Progressive Party issued a press release in which it alleged that the Malawi Congress Party stopped their College of Medicine fund raising dinner dance. The document was signed by the spokesperson for the president of the Democratic Progressive Party – Shadric Namalomba,

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