Wednesday, February 28

Suicide Not An Answer -Apostle Kawinga

Founder of Salvation for All Ministries Church Apostle Kawinga has asked Malawians to seek God’s intervention when experiencing challenges in life instead of opting to commit suicide.

Kawinga made the remarks in Mulanje in the area of Senior Chief Chikumbu where he distributed maize and other food items to over two thousand families who have been affected by hunger in the district.

Speaking to MBC, Apostle Kawinga said the economic challenges which the country is going through are causing depression to many people hence non believers are resorting to suicide as a solution.

“Faith is a key that keeps someone going whenever he or she is facing problems both in physical and spiritual life,” said Kawinga.

In her remarks, Senior Chief Chikumbu commended Apostle Kawinga for the donation of maize and Bibles. She said the prayers will bring blessings to her area.

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