Saturday, February 24

Mozambique President Filipo Nyusi Return Early

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has made an early return home from the African Union summit in order to monitor his country’s response to heavy rains and the looming Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

The cyclone is expected to make a landfall on Monday in neighbouring Madagascar and could affect as many as two million people, according to the UN.

President Nyusi expressed optimism at his country’s experience in dealing with the effects of heavy rains and cyclones.

“We have to start being people who value our experience. It is recognised. It’s up to us to sell it as a national product. As we have done things, the world considers that we have done well. As a government, as opposition parties, as Mozambicans, including civilians, we have a product that we are proud of and saleable,” he said.

American broadcaster Fox News predicts Tropical Cyclone Freddy could affect nations along the coast from Tanzania to South Africa.

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